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  • Torture Garden

    Torture Garden


    A romantically obsessed, murderously inclined grand piano...bravo, Amicus, bravo

  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    The dreary, pseudo-emotional superhero film the decade that spawned it deserved, tilting at a desperately desired moral complexity and then throwing that shit against the wall because explosions, yeah.

    Draining and frequently miserable, making a character of hope and courage into a muddy, messy trudge. Urgh.

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  • The Devil's Machine

    The Devil's Machine


    Imaginative, confrontational horror filtered through Hammer, Bava, AIP and more.

    Thematically dense, exploring objectification of women, male sexual psychosis and poisonous patriarchal homogeneity. Also functions as a literate, beautifully made, kickass low budget horror in love with its genre.

    I really enjoyed it.

    Additional pretentious film writer comment: try developing beyond a shallow understanding and appreciation of the myriad of historical and cultural inspirations for this film, you'll enjoy it more. But if you genuinely think this is in any way misogynistic, anti-feminist or pro stepfather/stepdaughter sexual tensions propaganda (arf) I feel for you, really.

  • The Devil's Rain

    The Devil's Rain


    Ernest Borgnine's devil horns lead a batshit and fun film. Also, Shatner acts instead of 'acts', which is an unexpected bonus.

    Ideal double bill: this and Satan's Triangle