Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

What we have here is the lighter side of Quentin: not too dark, not overly violent, not one to rely so heavily on the motifs he has built over his previous films. It’s uncannily funny, nearly autobiographical, a poignant self-reflection of why film mattered back in the day. However, it’s a little easy to forget the whole Manson connection, and that’s fine. It’s nothing more than a mere footnote in a thick, hazy Los Angelenean backdrop. As such, Leo and Brad benefit greatly, building each other up as the most solid friends against a rough sea of bad gigs. I doubt it can age as well as QT’s other films, nor will it his best remembered work. But for me, to know he’s trying to branch out a bit, not repeat himself too much while attempting a compelling story that’s still his own unique vision and prose, that’s what kept me glued to my seat those 2.5+ hours. That and the promise of a lesson in trying not to allow perfectionism to get the better of us.

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