The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain ★★★

“It is a mild shame, therefore, just how adherently, and literally, by-the-book The Art of Racing in the Rain becomes at its foregone conclusion. And yet, simultaneously, it’s a solid paw’s step forward towards the case of future comfort-food canine-friendly literary adaptations, without going to the lengths of making an unofficial universe out of it. It’s nothing overly distinct, but it still moves in the right direction, aiming to be a little different from its comparable partial siblings in the subgenre. And Kevin Costner, bless his heart, he’s the thing that makes the film worth one’s price of admission. Take him out of the equation, and its faults are just tough to work through. There’s just a folksy attitude he invokes that suits Enzo’s story arc, and helps drive its thematic plight home, the same way one would be glued to their seat if he were to, say, read pages from a dryly written dictionary.”

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