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"Avengers Assemble"

This movie is literally so poetic it's crazy. So many things happen that are just thematically perfect for the franchise that I couldn't help but just sit there in awe at how this all came together. I would probably describe this movie as when you read a comic book and you flip to that next page but the next page is thicker than normal and it's off-putting for a second but then you realize why and pull. Then the page just begins to unfold, unveiling this crazy illustration that just would not fit on a normal page. That was this movie and man was it pretty cool. The heart of this franchise are the characters not the spectacle. when all the avengers have assemble, it's awesome because these characters are awesome. This franchise earned that scene, through it's ups and downs, it earned that assemble.

I'm mean, I don't really know what to say that's negative about this film. I'm sure there are nitpicks but to counter that, I point out that Captain America wields Mjolnir. I've never admitted to being a critic. I'm a fan of movies first, it's why I'm on this site. So believe me when I say that I walked out of this film giddy and satisfied. As giddy as I was after seeing movies such as the Force Awakens, or It or Blade Runner 2049. All movies that earned a 10/10 for more personal reasons than critical reasons. I've been enjoying this franchise since I was a kid and to see this on the big screen makes me feel like one again. Besides just the epicness of the final battle, this is one fun movie.

This is Back to the Future Part 2 levels of fun. Time Travel will always be cool when Lois isn't the key. Cap fighting Cap, Star-Lord's dance, it's just like a highlight reel of how far the franchise has come. Also just a beautiful send off to some major players in this franchise. Iron Man, Wolverine, and Luke Skywalker. legacies are ending and yeah it's sad, I feel old. Great moment where Dr. Strange lifts his index finger and Tony's reaction to that in realizing, it all comes down to him. As I stated in my review Infinity War, Iron Man is the MCU's protagonist and Thanos, so it's so satisfying that he is the one to take down Thanos. It's even more poetic that Tony's last words are the same ones that began the franchise back in 2008.

Captain America will always be one of my favorites. I think he'll always be one of the Russos' favorites as well. He has earned that dance with Peggy because as the movie has showed us, he is worthy. He's always going to be the man who jumps on the grenade to save others. After everything he's done, for once he does something for himself and it's earned. Some other characters worth mentioning are Thor, maybe divisive but I like what they did with his character. Also was never a huge Nebula fan but I did like her in this. Black Widows death is sad when you think about how long she's been in the franchise and Renner brings his A-game in that scene. Also I just love how the character of Thanos is written.

I like how he's handled in this film, for one thing seeing his head get chopped off was nice. Also, him coming from the past for the final fight not remembering any events of the infinity war because to him they haven't happened yet, could have been awful. However, it absolutely works for his character because he is someone that doesn't care about anyone. when he says he doesn't even know who Scarlett Witch, the original Thanos would probably say the same thing. doesn't care about anyone doesn't matter that he killed vision to him, just wants those stones. Also as I stated in my infinity war review, none of this has been about the enough resources crap he was always boasting about, it's all just to stroke his ego. It really shows when he sees that no one is grateful for his snap that he plans to destroy the universe all together. Steve Rogers does not demand gratitude for flying that plane into the ocean, he did it because that's what he had to do. Thanos isn't a hero, and that's why he's such a great villain. Him getting dusted in the end is also highly poetic.

Overall, if you're a fan of marvel, then of course go see this if you already haven't. if you aren't though, I mean it is an enjoyable movie with good characters and fun action but probably won't have as big an impact as it did on me.

And I will admit, I held it together when Tony died but completely lost it when Peter and Ned hugged..

someone probably snuck onions into the theater or something.

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