Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★

4/10 (Ultimate Edition)

Batman: Tell me? Do you bleed? You will.

Superman: did you just threaten me?

Batman: well I thought that was implied 

Superman: I could kill you with my eyes

Batman: that's exactly why I want to kill you!

Superman: Wo! That's a little harsh, that's like wanting to destroy Russia because they could nuke us at anytime.

Batman: why would they do that?

Superman: why would I kill everyone Jerk?!

Batman: cause that flash told me!

Superman: ugh what? That's what sets your motive, that's terrible writing!

Batman: well..

Superman: anyways, I should really bring you in for...killing all those people in that car chase

Batman: No it's fine they're bad guys.

Superman: yeah but people are dying 
because of your bat brand! You don't get to decide who dies!

Batman: didn't you...

Superman: no

Batman: fly a man through a brick wall..

Superman: stop it

Batman: Wouldnt that kill him instantly?

Superman: well he was going to kill Lois

Batman: well you don't get to decide who dies

Superman: are you mocking me?

Batman: I am! Cause later on I kill KGbeast to save your mother! And you're fiiiine with that aren't you? Superman more like Super-hypocrite 

Wonder Woman: Good one.

Batman: thank you

Superman: Man, we are asking some very psychological, political, philosophical, pretentious questions here.

Batman: yeah.....remember when superhero movies used to be fun?

Superman: yeah...But the Dark Knight isn't fun and that's good!

Batman: the scene where the 18 wheeler flips over...that was pretty fun

Superman: yeah...


Batman: what the Heck?!

So I watched the Ultimate Edition, it didn't change my opinion at all. It was a chore to rewatch this. It's three hours, and so slow, long, boring, and stupid. I just kind of fast forwarded the Doomsday scene's stupid garbage. I do not like this film, any version of it, but if you do, cool. Embrace it. I just don't think this is a good film. Ugh, this movie stinks.

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