Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★


I watched Before Sunrise in 2019

I watched Before Sunset in 2020

Now I finally finish the trilogy in 2021 and what a series of films it has been. Seeing these characters get together each film is great because you’d think Hawke and Delpy were actually married by the time this film ends. I liked this film because it strips the previous two films of all their wish fulfillment and romanticism and drops a reality check on the characters and the audience. It doesn’t get any more real than this. It’s a very depressing film but not completely nihilistic in its exploration of this relationship. There is signs of hope for this couple but it does make clear that what they truly want cannot be obtained and just be lost to that night in Vienna.

You see cracks early on in the film of things that bother them and then it just all comes out in the end like most fights do. I just really enjoyed see this realistic approach to these characters while still having Linklater’s touch on it. The ending is hopeful, sad, a little bit of everything, I just think the last 30 minutes of this, really bring the film home. I had trouble focusing on any character besides the two leads and there are some other characters in the first half of this film that I prefer just leave. Overall though, I think it’s a fitting end to this trilogy of films and I recommend them all because they are all worth watching.

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