Casting JonBenet ★★★½


A documentary about casting actors to portray roles in a Jonbenet movie.

That's certainly original.

Also kind of...good?

I just found it interesting to hear all these people's views on the Jonbenet case...

Them trying to tap into the "characters" of Patsy, Burke, the police chief etc. It's so weird. It's also kind of humorous at times? Which is odd. I really don't know what to review...

You're watching people audition for acting jobs for an hour and it's pretty good. However not every story these people share is interesting. It has some pacing issues, I believe. However some of the stories are really sad and intense. 

It's just weird considering the subject matter and how this was formatted. 

The final 10 minutes are the most chilling minutes I've witnessed. 

That long gosh. Wow.

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