Chinatown ★★★★★


70's Jack Nicholson is the literal definition of suave and cool. Every line he delivers, slides out with slickness. I think having the stuff on his nose for part of the film, adds to it. In a weird way, I just like it. Reminding you of the threat that lurks in this story, right on his face. He gave a great performance in this, one of his best probably, along with Faye Dunaway.

Now this is one of the tightest films I have ever seen. Every single scene in this, is important to the plot. Even when it doesn't seem important, just characters joking around, it's important. I was shocked at how tight the script was, honestly. Every scene is either a setup or a payoff. Yet in the end, none of that matters. 

Everything about this film is so good. I'm at a loss of words of what else to say about it except that you should see it as soon as possible. As I'm writing this, I'm starting to realize, this might be a masterpiece. I really should give this a 10/10. I very much so believe that it deserves that rating.

Because it's Chinatown.

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