Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½


“I’m tired.”

With every Coens film I’ve seen so far, I’ve gotten some kind of enjoyment out of all of them. With No Country for Old men being one of my favorite films. However with this one? I just about near loved this film. That classic bleak Coen nihilism that’s a signature in all their films is in this one as well. Very prominently for sure but it’s infused with such a relatable story about this one character. Oscar Issac is great as the homeless and depressed folk singer, Llewyn Davis. Honestly one of his best roles in recent years. 

The films tells the story about this guy who is just stuck. As the movie shows in a very interesting way, he’s just hit a rough patch. The scene that really sums up his misfortune, is when a character tells him he should get back together with his partner, who is dead. Just one of those moments in your life where you think there can be more but there might not actually be more to this folk music scene for him. Nothing for him but to keep preforming for dwindling tips and repeat. Not everyone can be Bob Dylan as the film cruelly points out. 

I related so much to Davis in this film. I feel like everyone can to a certain degree. Just feeling stuck or going through the motions. No one is always where they want to be in life at every moment. As the film shows, it’s frustrating. You shouldn’t be inspired by this film though, if anything take it as a warning. The Coens have never been optimistic. You have to make change or else you’re stuck in a loop. Adapt to things. In the end he remembers to not let the cat out. So there’s hints of his growth.

This film really stuck with me on the point it’s trying to make. Also the film looks very unique with its cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel. It’s looks like Llewyn is always in a lucid daze with how it’s altered and it looks great. Also the film is really funny at times, also very real at other times. It’s just an interesting and somewhat sad look into this man’s struggle. I cannot recommend this film enough. Fan of the Coens or not, this is one of their best and one of my favorites. Also wow is that space song really catchy. 

Adam Driver is in this film for two minutes and mostly just makes funny noises and I just wonder why isn’t he in all the movies.

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