John Wick: Chapter 2 ★★★★


-I love how John Wick had to constantly reload his guns when in shootouts.

-I also love the scene where John Wick and Common try to discretely shoot each other at the mall and no one notices.

-I also love how the climax takes place in some house of mirrors type room.

-Laurence Fishbourne, what was the point of him? Are they setting up something?

-Wouldn't it be great if the hotel manager in the next one had a memorable fight scene that comes out of nowhere, that'd be sweet. 

-I hope the dog plays a more vital role in the next film, like gets involved in the action. Attacks bad guys and such.

-also why doesn't it have a name? Name him after Dafoe's character or something. The dog needs a name! That bugged me.

-I was extremely disappointed when I realized that Peter Stormare was not going to be the main antagonist. That was a bummer.

So the second John Wick film is another really solid action movie. The action is filmed great. The film looks nice all together. Especially that climax, wow was that some nice eye candy to look at. the beginning is a bit slow. A little clunky, pacing wise. Him gearing up and getting ready. However once it picks up, it never lets go.

Also I wasn't too keen on the ending. It basically sets up for a story that I literally just watched. Not to get into spoilers but what they're setting up at the end is what I just watched. Still though, besides that, this is a solid franchise and I would like to see more of these movies. 

You can tell everyone involved cares and just wants to make some solid entertainment and for me, they succeeded.

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