Snitch ★★★


The weakest aspect of this film was the direction. Has this film heard of the zoom out button? Every shot shot was right in your face in every scene. It got very irritating very fast.

Also...shaky cam. 

I guess the best aspect is the cast of this. They got a lot of talented people for this. The Rock, Jon Bernthal, Susan Sarandon and Michael Kenneth Williams. There are quite a lot of entertaining actors to watch so that's a highlight.

Jon Bernthal's character bugged me though. He made decisions that the film wasn't setting up and it was weird. Also it was hard to root for The Rock sometimes based on the things he does even though the movie wants you to.

The movie overall though is just lacking in...well, everything. It's not very memorable as a thriller or action film. It's very bland, not very good action, very slow. I don't exactly recommend it.

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