Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½


This was written by the guys that also wrote Place Beyond the Pines and Blue Valentine. So yeah I knew I was in for something good...

One of the best films of the year that’s for sure. Also one of the best performances of the year by Riz Ahmed. This film about a drummer that loses his hearing is just so authentic and beautiful. All about coping with things that just are out of your control. Didn’t ask for it, doesn’t matter, it’s happened and life will continue. This film really shows how going deaf can be absolutely terrifying and frustrating and that is all heightened by Ahmed’s performance and Marder’s directon. Just in the beginning, showing the everyday sounds that he’s accustomed to and then how they’re just taken away from him. It’s just so well done.

Then when he first arrives to the house and how isolated he is at first. Not knowing sign language and all but then you see him become a part of the community which I figured would happen. However as the film goes on, the more unfortunate it gets and he’s once again isolated again like in the beginning, at that party towards the end of the film; It’s all really just great. Olivia Cooke is good in supporting, as is Paul Raci, I loved his performance. The use of sound in this is great, cutting back and forth between his point of view and such. Overall, I really recommend this film, it’s great and should not just be swept under the rug of streaming. It’s on Prime and everyone should watch it.

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