Tenet ★★★★½


So I’ll start off by just saying...






Oh was this one of the most satisfying theater experiences I’ve ever had just for the sheer fact that I haven’t been in one since March. Of course the first film that I set out to see was the one I’ve been most anticipated for that didn’t get delayed until October 2021 and that is Tenet obviously. Gosh, it was just so satisfying to actually finally see it and even better that I really dug the film. Honestly the mixed reviews only made me want to see it more. Some critics liked it and some didn’t and I’m always curious where I’ll fall. 

I really enjoyed this film, probably my favorite of Nolan’s films in the past few years; not of all time obviously. From the opening scene in the Orchestra, when the tuning of instruments was incorporated into the score, it was already off to a good start. Gosh, the entire score in general is Oscar worthy. Ludwig Goransson really out did himself. I like the film because it’s a story about how there’s more than one story going on. Yeah, John David Washington’s character is called the protagonist which is a little on the nose but I like when it’s brought up that he’s not the only protagonist. There are others, there’s practically two different movies going on depending who’s perspective you’re watching from.

It ties into the The main antagonist’s point as well as he wants to control the story and be the center of it all as why it should end with him. I liked how the overall story was about opening your eyes to how the world is much bigger and more complex with many different stories happening everyday. It’s also a nice film about friendship. This is a film that needs a definite rewatch. The thing is though I really do want to rewatch this and don’t consider it a chore because I enjoyed it. It was easy enough to get the gist of what was going on but it needs multiple viewings to fully appreciate the mechanics of how everything fits into place.

It wasn’t just random boring crap and then the film ends and screams:

figure it out!

Like some other films I’ve seen...

Like I’m thinking of ending...this sentence.

I thought the cast was great. JDW’s career at this point can stand apart from his father’s. He’s got charisma and makes a great spy. Elizabeth Debicki was the main standout in this film for me which surprised me because Robert Pattinson is in this movie. I was just the most invested in her story. Also I loved Kenneth Branagh’s character in this. He was hammying it up as a straight up Bond Villain. Overall, I very much recommend this film. It’s one of the more interesting movies that I’ve seen from this year. Neat concept and visuals.

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