Wayne's World

Wayne's World ★★★½


Wow, how many 90s comedy antagonists has Rob Lowe played? This, Tommy boy, it seems like he was getting type casted for a while. This makes his character in Parks & Rec that much funnier though.

Mike Myers in this is just a powerhouse. His one liners were great. His facial expressions were great. His whole performance was excellent. Dana Carvey however, was a bit flat. 

Not all of Garth's bits worked for me. Like the stun gun bit. Wayne was much funnier and I would say watch this for Mike Myers. Comedy doesn't die when Garth is on screen though, he has some funny bits. 

It's funny, there's a scene where Wayne is fired and then Garth has to host and the show goes terribly. So the movie is slightly self aware about it. Then I read it's written by Mike Myers himself...hmm. I sense a slight ego there.

Overall it's a pretty funny film. Some good meta humor like the product placement joke. It's an easy to watch, enjoyable comedy....however it needed more Chris Farley.

Also, were the Suicide Squad marketing team a big fan of this movie? Both Bohemian Rhapsody AND Ballroom Blitz?! That cannot be a coincidence.

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