Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★


Wrath of man indeed.

A very entertaining action film by Guy Ritchie. A little more toned down than his other films but it’s still got that nice pulp to it. Feels like this film belongs in the 90s and in a good way. It’s always nice to see an action film with some violence that isn’t overly glorified either. Has some fun humor to it but much more serious than Ritchie’s other films. The score adds a lot that in building tension and setting the mood. Jason Statham is good as the lead role, this is the right kind of movie for him that utilizes how Jason Statham should be utilized. He’s a silent badass and the film adds a little more layers to him to make him interesting.

The film plays a lot with the narrative which at times I think adds to the film in terms of your average action film. Other times I really just wanted to get back to Jason Statham. A lot of time is spent on the villains in this film and to me it felt a little unneeded. In the long run, it didn’t really amount to much and didn’t add a whole lot to the film. Some of their stuff could have been trimmed and the film was starting to feel a little long when Statham wasn’t shooting people. Overall though, I would recommend this one. It’s a crowd pleasing action packed delight.

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