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  • Foodfight!



    Press ♥ Like if you would include this film in the National Film Registry. Press nothing to admit you found it sexually arousing.

  • Sonic


    If Sony Pictures' upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie is as bad as this then count me in. Awesome or disastrous: it's going to be fun either way.

    Sanic out of 10.

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  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    Love Exposure is pure transgression. An out-right challenge to dominant perceptions of sexuality, religion, gender and love.

    Such a glorious celebration of all that is deviant and perverse... and why we should all be allowed to love whoever or whatever we fucking want.

  • Outrage



    Kitano used Scary Face. It was super-effective.

    I actually quite enjoyed Kitano's trilogy of 'creative destruction', but I'm really glad he returned to the yakuza genre. Outrage is pure Kitano-brand ultra-violence. All the characters have a brutal devotion to business and a sinister lack of emotion. The shallow yakuza politics, misplaced allegiances and savage betrayals give it more twists and turns than a Takeshi's Castle obstacle course.

    I was thinking throughout that maybe there was something missing, which turned out…