Sophie Jones

Sophie Jones ★★★★

This movie is called "Sophie Jones" because I guess "Teenage Nympho Grief Girl Alienates and Pushes Away Everyone Who Loves Her" was already taken?

In all seriousness though, this movie was pretty good. Good acting from director Jessie Barr's cousin Jessica Barr (yeah, I know) who sounds like a cross between Abigail Breslin and Lena Dunham and looks like a Quinn Shepard/Katie Boland mix. Also, good cinematography and a great soundtrack of mostly "Riot Grrl" style songs but also some other stuff for those who detest "Riot Grrl".

One gripe I have however is the self-seriousness of this film's editing. No offence to the editor but this film isn't a Chantal Akerman joint AT ALL but it sure is edited like one.

The absence of a cool teacher 😎 is also a nice touch (wait, there kind of is one but it's a drama teacher. Does that count?)

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