To rate Xanadu is to not "get" Xanadu. It is 5 stars, it is 0 stars. It is the stars and everything in between the stars. Xanadu is not of this world and thus has little time for your Earthly star ratings or your critical analysis or your good taste. Xanadu is nothing and Xanadu is all.

I mean, how many movies have as many WTF moments as this? Should be cherished as the ridiculous cultural artifact it is. How can you hate something so patently ridiculous?

And gosh is Olivia Newton-John pretty. Plus, I could watch Gene Kelly do pretty much anything for 90 minutes. Michael Beck has all the charisma and talent of a wet toad here, but thankfully he's mostly swamped by all the crazy around him (that animated segment!). Kelly, though, deserves the Congressional Medal of Freedom for this.

Anyone who argues against ironical viewings of movies ("so bad it's good") must really struggle with Xanadu. It was literally made for the practice.

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