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  • Picnic at Hanging Rock

    Picnic at Hanging Rock


    I wish I had seen the original film first. I loved the idea of this but I thought the execution was lacking. It was overstylized in an unfortunate way but Natalie Dormer was wonderful.

  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    Black Lively gives a career best performance in this and outshines every single last costar to the point where I was embarrassed for them. She carried this movie on her beautiful back all while wearing fantastic heels and some of the most powerful power suits I've ever seen.

    "Prudes are people too." Iconic.

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  • Silent Nights

    Silent Nights

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    THIS WAS REALLY BAD. Buckle up, friends, and I'll tell you why.

    1.TERRIBLE representation of immigrants. The Immigrant lead, Kwame, does everything that people are scared of. He fights, he lies, he steals, he takes advantage of those who try and help him. He tells his wife back home he is working but it is clear throughout the movie he is lying. We only ever see him send money back home after he steals it from the Salvation Army. And…

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness


    I don't even know where to start. I think...I think I should start by saying that I had a hell of a time watching this movie. I thought it had a phenomenally gorgeous look. The location was fairy tale-esque, the shots were just beautiful and I thought the color and tone was just sublime. I have some minor complaints about CG (specifically that horrible deer or elk or whatever it was).

    The story was just a wild ride, folks. That's…