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  • Death Line

    Death Line


    You know, I never would have imagined to be actually kinda' moved at the end. This film does a good job at portraying a tragic antagonist. It left me with this hallow and unpleasant feeling. Apart from that aspect, Death Line is a delight and lots of fun. Donald Pleasence is hilarious as the wisecracking leading inspector obsessed with tea. Every scene he's in he manages to come up with something unexpected, whether it's throwing darts, playing pinball or just…

  • Devilfish



    Italy has produced it's fair share of sharksploitation junk. Monster Shark has it's moments but as a whole it's just too damn boring. I dozed off quite a bit and had to re-start certain scenes multiple times. The plot revolving a shark / octopus hybrid wrecking havoc is fine and all but it gets bogged down by a thriller/spy like plot which is just not that interesting. I don't think the fault lies with director Lamberto Bava, I'm not the…

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  • Lady Terminator

    Lady Terminator


    Yes, it rips off Terminator every chance it gets. It's also full of mystical, weird and wonderful things. Plus, and that's the real kicker, the action stuff is superior and way more brutal than the majority of similar schlock from around that time. Nobody is save, people get shot up in all kinds of glorious ways. Lovers of blood squibs take note, Lady Terminator's got you covered. There's a shootout in a police station which rivals even Maniac Cop II.…

  • The Suckling

    The Suckling


    The Suckling is fascinatingly terrible. I expected a goofy Tromaesque monster cheapie but it doesn't play for laughs, unless it's of the unintentional kind. For one, it's pretty sleazy. About as sleazy as you'd expect from a story about a brothel / backdoor abortion clinic and a toxically mutated fetus killing everyone. Although to be fair, most of the killings are actually done by the trapped folks amongst themselves. There's a wild sex scene in the start which is hard…