A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★

Pretty sure this was my introduction to the wacky world of Freddy so I’ll always have a weakness for it. Seeing it now however it’s fairly cheesy, not scary (or funny) at all and it makes little sense with the mythology set by the earlier films. Freddy’s the dream master / guardian of a negative dream portal all of a sudden? Like whut? He kills the last o.g. Elm Street teens and completes his revenge mission. Perhaps the series should have ended here. I love the simple but genius premise Elm Street started out with (monster in your dreams, when he kills you, you die for real) but here it gets bogged down in hack mythology that’s never mentioned again. It’s like midi-chlorians. There are some fun sequences with impressive effects like the roach motel and the ending which, again, makes little sense, but is quite memorable. It suffers from being a direct follow-up to the way superior Dream Warriors and it’s from here the series goes downhill resulting in unwatchable dreck like Freddy’s Dead. In it’s defence, it seems the script was hammered out in just 7 days so you get what you pay for. As someone who has never written anything in his life, apart from snarky comments on other people’s hard work, I gotta respect that.