All That Heaven Allows ★★★½

again, this was a criterion film I have been dying to see for quite a bit now. probably because Steven's Giant is one of my favorite films, as well as something I would consider a masterpiece of Cinema and the sheer fact that deep down, it kinda is a melodramatic film. I heard of this guy called Sirk, Douglas Sirk and hadn't seen anything by the guy so I wanted to change that.

fuckin movie stars former mrs. Ronald Reagan, fun fact for you guys out there who may have not known that, and it also stars Rock Hudson, an actor in Giant and theyre basically in a snowglobe of neglect and angst and 50s quotas. the film is unfortunately dated. its source material isn't really looked down upon nowadays and if it is, get over yourselves, love is fucking love. everyone deserves to be miserable :)

it really is a beautiful looking piece of filmmaking, that's for sure. the technicolor is some of the best of that particular era and some of the shots the DP gets are really fucking beautiful. and I kinda dig that 50s score, too. I probably liked the technical qualities of all that heaven allows more than the actual piece. needless to say, I didn't hate this and I may eventually return to the film in the near future; an older and wiser man.

with owning 26 criterions (ikr I'm so low compared to you fucks) and having seen them all, this is probably the second one where I'm like "Oh, I mean youre good but not like as good as the others but ill still keep you." a night to remember is the other one and that really doesn't hold up. come this criterion sale, I'm going calm. anyone gotta game plan?

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