Avengers: Infinity War ★★★½


I'm at a loss for words and am tangled up in some sort of confusion and uncertainty because I really don't know what to make of the latest film I saw in theaters, let alone it being the 19th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise that I've openly voiced my distain for and belief that many of their films aren't worthy of any acclaim that's thrown their way. It's interesting to say this because one would get the impression that I hate comic books and Superheroes when in reality, I don't; when I was younger, I worshipped the X-Men and Avengers like they were my Gods and collected many comic books, movies, toys, and other paraphernalia of that ilk and I still own a small chunk of it today. But I will admit that my love for the genre has diminished and I can't really justify myself watching these movies open minded because each film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a stale, manufactured Assembly Line recipe. That's why I choose to say that the DCEU's films (minus Man of Steel) are my preferred slice of Superhero action because they attempt to create and not produce.

That's not to say I hate the films in the MCU because I can name three films I genuinely believe to be good (Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, and Ant Man), while also saying that films like the first two Thor movies and The Avengers are some of the worst in the genre. I'll also preface this by saying I haven't seen Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnorok, as well as the newly released Black Panther, so I was pretty much confused for small parts of the film, but I found THAT confusion to be vanquished almost immediately after it set in.

What I am confused about is Avengers: Infinity War as a whole; this is a glorious, beautiful, "nerdgasm" of a mess. And I mean that in the most kindest and honest words. Because I thoroughly enjoyed this as a popcorn Monday night flick as it was for my brother and I, but on a filmmaking standpoint, it's some of the worst. To me, the screenplay had some of the most cheesiest and cringiest lines a screenplay can have, but perhaps that's that certain actor or actress' fault for how they executed that particular line. I don't know for sure, but what I can tell you is that the Russo Brothers are some of the worst directors working today. Sure, it's just a Superhero flick, but even then, images and narrative, whether abstract or basic, should have some correlation and the Russo's don't seem to grasp that idea and from what I've heard, many others complain of their faults as another project of theirs is released. Yes, I enjoyed the film, but I felt nothing throughout it, if that makes sense. It's mind-numbing, but even then that could be dangerous. As predicted, they recycled typical Marvel traits from previous film's narratives and people just eat that up, but I ate it up, too. So that's why I'm confused: I acknowledge the faults (numerous), but I managed to enjoy it for what it was. In fact, I'd say that this is my favorite installment yet into this blasted franchise of soul crushing originality. Perhaps my rating will go down, but in the long run, it's fun. I had a blast and I guess it was different in some cases from the other films and I do have the hankering to catch up on the ones I haven't seen yet, but even then, Avengers: Infinity War worries me about the future of film as a whole. Mindlessness and art are attempting to coexist with audiences and audiences aren't exactly gravitating towards films that stimulate the mind and instead, go for the eyecandy. I'm not really sure what to think anymore. I shouldn't be thinking this much on a film I enjoyed quite a bit, but it does say something about the future of film and the longevity of the Superhero genre.

Is originality struggling to survive?

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