Knight of Cups ★★★★★


Still manages to be one of the most revealing, devastating, isolated, and beautiful achievements of the 21st Century and one of the very greatest films I've ever watched; Malick's films become my outlet, allowing me to experience a force of pure tranquility and relive the numerous pains I've had in my life. Memories of things I've thought I repressed latch onto my brain, attempting to destroy my psyche, the pain becomes so excruciating and it drains me. Memories of the arguments, the dissatisfaction, the longing to escape. Each viewing manages to awaken a feeling in me, leaving me as broken as I could have ever been and I realize Malick feels these, too; he's a filmmaker who uses the memories, both the most sensual and happy and the devastating and broken, to relive the pain and learn to heal. His dreamy, poetic, dissolving narrative is a look into his mind, the mind of a man whose lost bits and pieces of himself and struggles to remember those pieces, those things that made him who he was. He's been asleep for ages and cannot seem to wake up. Malick, myself, Rick, and those who struggle with their past cannot seem to let it go. So all we can do is wish to escape, as others reach for us, we reach for the clouds, for our pain to stop, if even for one quick moment.

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