The Awful Truth ★★★★½

A talkie comedy about movement, expression, and copious amount of sexual innuendos; strip the dialogue from this and you'd still have a satisfactory romp of mischievousness nature, Leo McCarey's loose and wild direction make Cary Grant and Irene Dunne's act more insane and all the more free and unrelenting that they need to be. He and she, a husband and wife dynamic duo, decide to divorce after affair accusations, but they can't seem to stay away, even with his absolute iconic smug look and her zany attempt to replace him with a full grown corn cob mama's boy. Pause any minute of this and look at the two of them; Grant and Dunne have mastered their characters to the point that they're their characters, their facial expressions tell the story. Their body language sparks of romance. Their eyes tell their thoughts.

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