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  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night


    As far as micro budget sci-fi goes this is pretty solid. Inventive, very well shot, acted and eerily scored. A quaint throwback to 1950s Twighlight zone or Outer limits with an interesting story, It captures the “ golly g” chipper tone without veering into corny. There are certainly moments where it’s limitations are clear( like a couple moments where the screen literally goes black)  some so color grading and post film grain, it can meander a bit, but there are some really well helm tense sequences that honestly had me glued to the screen. The film is certainly better than the shit poster.

  • Naked



    This would be a great companion piece to Crumb. Watch both back to back  then take a nice long shower. It’s one of those films that is just so perfect on every level. Especially the writing, honestly one of the best written movies I’ve seen in quite a while. Everyone performance is excellent especially David Thewllis as Johny who brings to life one the most captivating character studies I’ve ever seen. Definitely gonna check out more Mike Leigh because this absolutely floored me.

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  • Light Sleeper

    Light Sleeper


    Rain,Jazz, fortune tellers, Willem Dafoe as a love sick drug dealer. Definitely up my alley.

  • Tabernacle 101

    Tabernacle 101

    “The demons have created a computer virus and planted it on the dark web, it’s designed to shut down all online systems on Earth.”

    Actual dialogue in the film.