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  • Mandy



    An almost fantastic exploration of the male psyche as it pertains to both narcissism and possessiveness.

    Oddly paced, and fluctuating between overwritten and underwritten. The third act is finally where the film starts to figure out it's pacing issues, but by then, it's too little too late.

    Yes, Cage is absolutely amazing to watch, and Linus Roache is goddamn electric, and there's an amazing 60min film in here somewhere. Unfortunately you've got to sit through the 2hr version.

  • The Company Men

    The Company Men


    Not particularly good, but Deakins shot it, so it certainly LOOKS pretty.

    It's a missed opportunity to be a portrait of middle class America during the recession and corporate bailouts. Instead, it's a film of charicatures (evil company executive, sad company lifer, exec with a heart of gold, vain guy loses it all but finds... Himself!) that fails to find any shred of emotional resonance.

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  • The Curse of the Werewolf

    The Curse of the Werewolf


    Come for the werewolf, stay for the actually well-realized characters, solid make up FX, and rich photography!

    Bonus shout out to the Marquis, easily one of the nastiest Hammer villains. A joy to hate.

  • Used Cars

    Used Cars


    I haven't laughed this hard in long time. There's some weird pacing, an underdeveloped character here and there, and some of the jokes just haven't aged well, but for the most part, this film is still gut-bustingly funny.