Sieranevada ★★★★

The exploration of our post-truth society is something I could take or leave, and will likely annoy me upon a rewatch. But I enjoyed this on a much more superficial level: it reminded me of my own family, specifically my early upbringing in a three-child, one-bedroom household. Everything felt claustrophobic, and every nice family gathering was ruined by at least one person's selfish impulses. Rather than rolling my eyes at the over-choreographed showiness of a Children of Men or a Birdman, the long takes felt appropriately naturalistic and really served to communicate the constantly roiling drama that happens when you put so many relatives in such a tight space. And it's awkwardly funny in the same way as family gatherings often are... a tone that thousands of melancholy American indies have never had the patience or fortitude to reproduce authentically.