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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Eternity and a Day
  • 2046
  • Brazil

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  • Hero




    whooh onomatopoeia ; sound made by swinging swords, arms, legs, and all forms of sticks or poles ( with, or without metal appendages )in martial arts movies. Sometimes associated with arrows. Usually repeated at least 3 times. whooh whooh whooh

    whowh onomatopoeia; sound made by magically flying protagonists and or antagonists, often found in the Wuxia sub-genre of martial arts films, as they hurl toward their enemy, often somersaulting during the approach. Often repeated at least twice, corresponding to…

  • The Four Times

    The Four Times


    After watching Le Quattro Volte it was early evening. I walked outside and pulled some small splits from our wood stack in preparation to build the evening fire. I brought them into the kitchen, laid them near the stove, and gathered some dry kindling like I always do.

    I opened the stove door, and delicately shoveled the top layer of fine ash and dust and carefully deposited it into the ash pail beside the stove like I always do. The…

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  • Flora and Son

    Flora and Son


    Geez, where did Eve Hewson come from!? ( well, obviously activist Alison Stewart and Bono ), but my goodness what acting chops!

    I hadn't realized until after watching that director John Carney directed Once, another little indy I positively loved. Flora and Son exhibits the same honesty in the central relationship between mother and son on their rough road to get to know one another and form a bond.

    My only reservation on this one is that I wish the finale had just been Flora and Son.

  • Riceboy Sleeps

    Riceboy Sleeps


    A touching take on assimilation into Canadian culture from a director who knows of what he speaks.

    There are a few Toronto area neighbourhoods, such as Scarborough, where there is already a vibrant mix of different cultures. I'm so happy my son grew up there. Since everyone was different, it was just a naturally accepted thing, and kids from all different places around the world would play together without giving it a second thought.

    Other neighbourhoods and cities, not so much. Director Anthony Shim brings this experience to the screen with a real sense of authenticity.

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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    I vividly remember seeing Eyes Wide Shut for the first time. It was opening day back in 1999. I went in with a mixture of anticipation and sadness. Anticipation because Kubrick had pronounced this to be the best film he’s ever made. Sadness because I knew it was the last time I would see a Kubrick for the first time.

    After the show was finished, my friend and I walked to a café. We barely spoke about it. I was…

  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    Two Hundred And Twenty Five Million Dollars.

    The budget for this turd was Two Hundred And Twenty Five MILLION dollars.

    What else would this sum buy you? I checked; a random search for 2014 / 2013 favourites lists here on LB. I looked at 30 or so, and picked out what I saw as peoples favourites.

    Under the Skin $16M
    Boyhood $2.4M
    Only Lovers Left Alive $7M
    Grand Budapest Hotel $31M
    Her $23M
    12 Years a Slave $20M