Cronos ★★★★

My goodness what a wonderful mess!

I know nothing about Horror, yet I could spot such an international smorgasbord of horror love here that my head was spinning. 50’s B Movies, American International in the early 70's esthetic, Cronenbergian body horror, Asian spookiness, Gilliam, Caro & Jeunet, Bergman, Fellini, all thrown into a pot with Ron Perlman in seemingly random quantities!

And! For the entire third act our protagonist, Jesus Gris, played with,, flexibility? by Federico Luppi, looked exactly like zombified version of Alastair Sim in A Christmas Carol. I’m not so sure that was unintentional.

Sometimes you throw a whole bunch of similar, yet dissimilar, ingredients in a pot for supper and just hope for the best.

This dish turned out to be delicious.

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