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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. The battle of the sexes is over.

Here’s To Love

Barbra, I'd like to propose a toast
To the movie I dig the most
Catch, let me dust off my popcorn cup
Hey, barista, fill 'er up!

Look how the sixties start to flicker
Love's technicolour hue is much slicker
And it’s a film whose wit is quicker
Cheers, here's to love

The screenplay’s old fashioned and it’s a cherry
It’s so damn respectful that it’s scary
That is the reason it’s legendary
Cheers, here's to love

Ewan’s a martini
And Renee the shaker
And baby, they sure packed a punch
They make Dean Martin look like a faker
And now it's only Love for dinner
And lunch

I can see what’s ahead for us
They'll walk down the aisle to an angel's chorus
Catcher as Rock and Barbara as Doris
Sweet heavens above

Why’s the film so smart?
It knows what we're thinkin’ of
Oh, it must be
Cheers, baby here's to love

Love’s got the smarts to wet my whistle
If that doesn't catch ya', maybe this'll
Peyton Reed just launched a missile
Cheers, here's to love

Love’s insights are intoxicating
Reverse the ‘type, female
I bet it bears reiterating
Cheers, here's to love

Though it ain’t Citizen Kane, pop the champagne
And let's take a spin on the floor
It’s moves are so good
I'm feelin' no pain
So let's buy the Blu and see it some more

Love took the genre without the bitters
It stays on my list; the churlish are quitters
Soon there may just be imitators.

'Cause this genre’s is now awakened
Baby It’s new
But I can't find any new examples
Oh, can't be, cheers
Cheers, baby here's to love

Here's mud in your eye
Here's lookin' at you kid
Here is to put hairs on your chest
Not that I would want that
Here's to love

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