High-Rise ★★★½

TIFF 2015 film # 12

Reason for pick - because CindyT told Lise we should watch it, despite the fact that Lise hated A Field In England. This should be good. (pssst, Cindy ... watch your back .. Lise is in a mood, and it's not a good mood ... she's convinced herself that this was your revenge for A Strange Little Cat )

Not having seen anything by the director, particularly the much adored and much maligned A Field In England, I was intrigued.

I love .. LOVE .. dystopian, and High Rise just seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I wasn't disappointed.

Director Ben Wheatley realized a past in much the same way that Terry Gilliam realized a near future in Brazil. Some things fitting, some things out of place, but somehow at home.

There are traces of the aforementioned Gilliam here, but also Jeunet, Lynch, and a touch of Wes Anderson ( in a good way, for me at least). My first comment to my wife after we got out was that it was kind of a vertical Snow Piercer. She had walked out about 10 minutes before the end, on the excuse that she had to find the powder room. And wouldn't be returning. In my cursory glances of TIFF friends reviews, it seems I'm not alone in the Snowpiercer association, but it looks like the originality goes to High Rise, and it's original J. G. Ballard 1975 novel.

It's weird to think that Ballard wasn't trying to capture the future, but rather capture the now, but rather inadvertently did both. I guess that things really don't change after all.

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