Life of Pi ★★★½

The visuals were beautiful, the performances of the various Pi’s were great, and the restrained use of 3D provided just enough wonder without being distracting.

I loved the allegory, but what brought it crashing down for me was being hit over the head by explaining the allegory moments after it was revealed. I would have much preferred figuring that one out myself. The other thing that bothered me was that the writer stated ‘I was told that after I hear your story I’ll believe in God’. Geez, quite the expectation there. Did the story make be believe in God? No. Was the story enough to make me think about the concept of someone choosing to be multi-disciplinarian? Yes, but only if I wasn’t hammered over the head with ‘you’ll believe in God after you see this’.

I think the other thing that prejudiced me was that I had read that Jean-Pierre Jeunet had spent several years developing Life of Pi, only to have it fail for lack of funding. I couldn’t help but think what kind of film it would have been in his hands. I bet he would have used a real Tiger, and multiple actors as the lifeboat era Pi.

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