Moonlight ★★★½

TIFF16 Film #22

Reason for pick – Lise – “sounds like it could be really good and read some good things about it”

It's hard to give an accurate review, as the fuckwit next to me did everything humanly possible to distract me and pull me out of the film continuously .. mouth breathing, knuckle cracking, and the fact that he probably hadn't bathed in a few weeks. Lise can’t stand perfume, but I think this is worse, as I swear my eyes were watering. This made it impossible for me to connect with the film emotionally, and I think that's essential for this film.

It was easy to see that the performances were masterful by each and every cast member. Each brought their characters own brand of intensity, being it quiet or overt, with a believable realism.

However, not being entirely 'in' the film, I couldn't help but observe that I was always predicting the next beat. I blame this on the distractions, as I don’t think the arc is what’s important here, but rather how our characters traverse that arc, and that’s something I was kept from enjoying by the mouth breather.

The ending was very touching and rang true, and easily could have gone another way in a lesser film.

I’m giving it 3.5 as a placeholder until I can re-watch under proper conditions … in my basement … without Mr. Stinky.

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