Sofia and the Stubborn Man ★★★★

What a wonderful little Colombian gem that my loving wife unearthed that’s currently playing on Mubi this month.

Basically a remake of Shirley Valentine, with a much more nuanced storyline, and extricating the premise that a woman fantasizes about travel to an exotic local to find romantic love.

Maybe a wife just wants to see the sea, and her husband is a curmudgeon who doesn't. Maybe she just takes a chance without him and throws all caution to the wind without any expectations. .... because she just wants to see the sea.

Sophia and the Stubborn probably has more in common with Lynch’s The Straight Story than Lewis Gilbert's’ Shirley Valentine. It’s a lovely little journey filled with sweetness and kindness, tough, which both films share.

There’s a wonderful device that director Andrés Burgos uses throughout the film that I shan't say a thing about, and you may not notice it at the beginning, but you sure will at the conclusion. It’s one of the best ‘hell ya’ smiles I’ve had in a long time.

If you’re a Mubi subscriber, don’t let this one pass by. At only 75 minutes it’s an easy watch, and one you’ll thank yourself for giving a chance.