Tampopo ★★★★

A recent trip on an Air Canada Boeing 777 flight offered a delectable choice of world cinema; Tampopo amongst the offerings on the menu. I demurred because the first two minutes I watched were so amazing that I couldn’t imagine watching what might come on a seat back screen.

A smorgasbord of different styles. There’s a dash of Sergio Leone, and a splash of Kirisawa, and the always entertaining Japanese style of slight and fight ( and sometimes flight ). There’s honor and capitulation, and a few great fights to prove out those tenants.

My favourite film, 2001, is in many ways all about food, and how the requirement of food makes us human. Tampopo elevates the theme by highlighting that being human is not simply about food, but also about the experience of the best food; rather reminiscent of Babette’s Feast in that regard, and Castaway on the Moon in it's craving.

A completely delicious romp that's making me crave the ultimate raman.

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