The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★½

My general rule for ratings goes: if it's pretty much perfect, it gets a 4.5/5. Only if it feels like an INJUSTICE for it to receive anything less than a 5/5 do I give it a 5. And giving the Godfather: Part II a 4.5 DOES seem like an injustice. There is absolutely nothing about this film that subjects it to the term, "imperfect". BUT... this will be the only case where I break my rule. I do not want to give it a 5 because I feel this movie is so impersonal. I, as a person, have absolutely nothing to do with this story or it's characters. I felt more of a personal connection to the characters in FANTASIA than these mobsters! While it is perfect, I just don't FEEL as much when watching this movie as I believe I SHOULD when watching a 5 star movie. And that is that.