Favorite films

  • Fight Club
  • Gladiator
  • The Godfather
  • Audition

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  • Carrion


  • Trance


  • Kin


  • Inheritance


Recent reviews

  • Carrion


    I can usually find merit in most films. This is quite possibly the worst movie I’ve ever watched. Not even it’s decent visuals could help save this one from its own acting, pacing, editing, storyline/plot, etc.

  • Trance



    Yes it’s a convoluted, highly improbable, and sometimes laughably thin story that’s presented with visuals and cast to make it same deeper and smarter than it is.

    Yes it’s Danny Boyle so I’m also biased and will give it a higher rating than it probably deserves.

Popular reviews

  • Psycho



    I use this film as my timeline reference point for any other old school horror film. 

    That is because this movie literally changed cinema singlehandedly. You can’t watch movies that were made after it and not see it’s influence.

    In addition, it still stands up after all these years.

    An absolute classic.

  • Host



    2020: The Movie.

    How it feels to be in lockdown.