Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

Saw this four times in the theater (the fourth time by myself with a bottle of whiskey, it was perfect).

Might be the best film of the past 10 years, for my money. This, The Master*, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood would be my top 3.

Grand, brutal, bold, and beautifully told.

Does it get better than Django & Schultz vs Calvin & Stephen?

The line Schultz says when he first sees Broomhilda, and her reaction, always makes me cry. She's expecting to be another guest's play thing, and instead she gets greeted with "I can see all the passions you inspire are completely justified."

And then you have little moments like Schultz telling Candie that he would normally say auf Wiedersehen, "but since what auf Wiedersehen actually means is til I see you again, and since I never wish to see you again, to you I say goodbye". And then (spoilers) when Django finds Schultz's dead body later, he tells him auf Wiedersehen. That's beautiful.

I wrote an article years ago comparing the basic story structure of this with Funny People, cuz they're very similar. And then when you consider how similar Funny People is to The Great Gatsby, and that this is basically a fairy tale about saving the princess from an evil King...

...and that it's entertaining as hell, with incredible performances, great characters, an amazing soundtrack, stellar photography, too many memorable lines and scenes to count, funny, exciting, upsetting, moving...

...I'm positive this will never get old.

"...I'm positive he dead"

10 out of 10

* Can you believe this and The Master came out within months of each other?? I likened it at the time to what it must've been like when The Shining and Raiders of the Lost Ark came out within months of each other (they were actually a year apart, but I didn't know that then and it sounded good!). 10 total theater trips between the two for me. I miss being that kind of spoiled.

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