Tropic Thunder ★★★★

First time I had seen this since it came out and to me, still holds up really well.  Funny throughout with Tom Cruise being the standout.  Maybe they overdid some of the Les Grossman dancing and clowning around bits, but I still laughed.  I like that Cruise is the kind of actor that will take chances and take the risk of degrading his image even worse than it already has been in some people’s eyes.  But I’ve always thought he was a great actor, regardless of the antics in his private life. 

Ben Stiller is always funny and really delivers here.  Downey Jr., amazing as always.  Jack Black was a little flat to me, as if he was trying too hard.  The added bonus was Steve Coogan’s scenes.  I can’t even look at that guy’s face without laughing.  Some of his facial expressions when he was getting yelled at by various characters was priceless. 

I really admire the creativity behind this movie and appreciate Stiller for being able to pull this whole thing together with all the star-power. The whole concept is great and even though this type of thing has been done before, I liked what was brought to it here.