Modern Lady Gambler

Modern Lady Gambler ★★★½

When her lover, the newly appointed boss of a Yakuza clan, is killed by a rival faction, Fujiko (Kyoko Enami) takes it upon herself to track down and slay the perpetrators! After Junko Fuji's retirement in 1972 the already ailing 'Ninkyo' genre of period-set Yakuza movies went into a tailspin! This bloodsoaked revenge-fest was one of the last of its kind !Toei recruited Enami,star of countless 'Woman Gambler' films at recently defunct Daiei studios,and assigned the great Tai Kato to direct,but audiences were bored of the genre,and the release of Fukasaku's 'Battles without Honor' in 1973 was the final nail in 'Ninkyo Eiga's' coffin! Which isn't to dismiss the film, It has a great cast of familiar faces, including a very atypical role for ubiquitous villain Tatsuo Endo, here playing a buffoonish sidekick, and being a Tai Kato film there's plenty of scenes involving trains, did that guy love trains or what?

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