The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

After witnessing the betrayal and murder of his father,a Viking king,our hero Amleth must wait many years ,and endure many hardships, before gaining his vengeance! Yes,it's 'Conan the Viking', pretty much, Eggers even explicitly referencing the Arnie classic in a key early scene. Visually stunning,it's doubtful you'll see a more striking looking film this year,or next, this definitely needs to be seen on the biggest possible screen. Some people might say it's just a bog standard "you killed my Father" revenge saga struggling to get out from beneath Eggers almost fetishistic fascination with ancient lore and language,and they'd probably be right.Nevertheless,I think it's kinda touching that even in this era of mind numbing corporate conservatism and predictability,a major studio will still entrust a maverick oddball like Eggers with almost 100 million bucks to head into the woods to make a blood-soaked Viking epic. See it on a big screen while you can.

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