Frozen II

Frozen II ★★★

I read an interview recently in SciFi Now with the makers, and they were seeing they only had agreed to a sequel once they felt there was a story to tell, and they knew the whole cast and crew would return. Considering the first film became the highest grossing animated film to date, I had to take that with a pinch of salt. Unfortunately, when watching the sequel - an obligation since my 4 year old daughter and all her friends are currently obsessed with Elsa and Anna - I never felt there was a story worth telling. It was, it seemed to me, struggling to add any layers to what there was, a very basic, flat fantasy that could have benefited from greater perils, and dare I say it, a villain? Themes of sisterly love are rehashed, and without the full impact the first film provided. The pacing was severely hampered by endless, moody ruminations. I was at times, frankly bored - and I did enjoy the first movie before it got hammered into my head through my daughter's endless replays. I think it was the money after all that made the sequel happen, not the story. All that said, there were some good moments, and most of these had to do with Josh Gad's comic relief, Olaf. Kristoff's attempts at asking for Anna's hand made for some gentle comedy. The songs didn't stick out to me as much as they did in the first film, but there are a couple of good numbers, as well as some forgettable ones. Idina Menzel's rendition of Into The Unknown was certainly dazzling. Most importantly, I suppose, my little one enjoyed it, and as soon as she met up with her mom, proceeded to provide an enthusiastic summary of the movie.