Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

Marvel's gamble on adapting a little known comic book and weaving it into the fabric of it's current cinematic universe is not as huge as it may seem: the source material is vivid and fun, and the experience the studio has gained in making ensemble superhero films is by now second to none, which is why writer/director Jams Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy is, not surprisingly, a genuine blast. Chris Pratt is ideally cast as glib space outlaw Star Lord, who teams up with a gang of misfits to save the galaxy from a genocidal fundamentalist with access to an infinitesimal source of power. So far, so typical as far as space operas go, so it's fortunate that the film boasts excellent banter-full chemistry among it's other leads, real and virtual: Zoe Saldana's sexy cool assassin Gamora, wrestler Dave Bautista's brawny avenger, Bradley Cooper's snarkily hilarious CG Rocket Racoon, and Vin Diesel's amusing Groot, a walking CG tree who amusingly fills what would be the Chewbacca role. In addition to the excellent character work, Gunn conjures up delightfully stylized visuals, and sets up various action and battle sequences without ever really missing a beat, topping it off with a peppy retro soundtrack. A winner. As usual, stick around for the post credit sequence.

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