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  • Inside Out

    Inside Out

    Few studios mix tragedy and comedy as frequently and as effectively as Pixar. And this particular Pixar film does it more explicitly and abstractly than anything they (or almost anyone) has done before.

    There was something a bit distant about it for me, at least at first. It got a bit dusty in the room towards the end, for sure. But something didn't quite click until then. Perhaps it was the abstraction necessary for the film's premise, but I found…

  • Deep Impact

    Deep Impact


    Returned to this one after many years at the suggestion of a friend who strenuously insisted me that it was much better than I'd remembered (and much, much better than Armageddon). The first claim was not true; the second one was emphatically untrue.

    The cast is solid enough to be noteworthy, but the script is not. It's not so much that it feels clichéd—It does, but it's a Disaster Flick; what were you expecting?—it's more that it feels so…

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  • Brick


    I enjoyed The Last Jedi more than most; a lot more, in fact, if my quick scan of social media when it was released gave me an accurate reading of the temperature.

    That being said, Rian Johnson is not a blockbuster director. He's a funny, smart, rapid-fire, genre-loving-and-reinventing indie director, and nothing makes that as abundantly clear as this, his directorial debut. Brilliant stuff, but not for reasons that make me think he could work some tent-pole magic with a…

  • Men in Black

    Men in Black

    Have a definite nostalgic soft spot for this one, so Sarah and I showed it to the three eldest boys a few nights ago. It holds up really well, actually. Not a great film (by any means), but features some great moments, and is carried triumphantly along by a really great chemistry between Smith and Jones. Neither is straying terribly far from their "inertial" characters, but the equation produces something a good bit more enjoyable than either would do on…