It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★★

The checkout girl said, "How are you doing today?" Bill said, "Fine, thanks, how are you?" She didn't answer. Bill felt used.

It's Such a Beautiful Day is a stellar work of art, both in its storytelling and its editing. Comprised of three shorts, only one of which I'd previously seen, it manages to make the tale of a stick figure named Bill going through some rough times, mentally and physically and spiritually, as compelling and rewarding as any live action drama. It's tragicomedy, the random asides which ultimately add up to a cohesive whole are both humorous and poignant. I'll admit to a bit of resistance to Don Hertzfeldt's narration, but this initial feeling quickly dissolved, each passing moment breaking me down. The subject of memory and genetics and life and death put forward through an animated film doesn't feel like it should work but the unique perspective gives us the ability to think about big ideas through the eyes of outsiders, gods watching mere mortals. That's probably a bit too hyperbolic, but by the time it posits the question of living forever, a strange desire so many probably have, the film has successfully swept me off my feet and I'm in its thralls. The use of music is gorgeous throughout and the final sequence in particular is quite moving. Though the film is made up of three shorts, and will probably never get another, the story of Bill will live on. He will outlive us all.

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