The Florida Project ★★½

I may be letting the overwhelming praise color my opinion but while I found this less irritating than Tangerine (a film whose manic energy and style wore me down) and no less admirable in its attempt to empathize with those on the fringes of society, I couldn't completely embrace it, moment to moment my engagement fluctuating. And a part of that is the day to day, vignette style storytelling and part of that is the acting, of which I was never super impressed. Even Willem Dafoe, obviously the most established performer, was good for me but nowhere near what I would think of as award worthy. There's some amusing moments, some heartbreaking moments, but ultimately I think that polarizing final shot could represent my feelings for Sean Baker after two films, as I admire what it wants to say but found the way it says it distracting and off-putting.

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