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  • Okja



    An allegory of environmentalism, esp. animal ethics in the food industry - it is easy to provoke the audience in the issues concerned and put them off eating meat after watching the film. Ahn Seo-hyun (Mija)'s performance here is top-notch - even though the film/ her performance didn't win Bong Joon-ho the Palm d'Or in 2017, no doubt this film has accumulated some critical credits for Bong in winning the 2019's Palm d'Or. An amazing and ethical film on its…

  • Tracey



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Have not seen such a great HK film for a while. Love the clever Cantonese opera ref here. The second Cantonese song was the same as the one sung by Leslie Cheung’s character in his childhood in Farewell My Concubine. It serves two purposes - Kara Wai is a very old-fashioned and traditional woman in terms of sexual and moral stance. And my friend told me once that if a male actor playing a female role in Chinese opera it…

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  • My Heart Is That Eternal Rose

    My Heart Is That Eternal Rose


    With a strong cast including the HK writer John Chan Koon-chung as a co-scripter, Christopher Doyle as a co-cinematographer, Danny Chung as the sound designer, My Heart Is That Eternal Rose has strong affinity with WKW's early films, esp. Days of Being Wild (1990) and Fallen Angels (1995):

    - That scene when Rick Ma (Kenny Bee) met Ah-Lap (Joey Wong) evokes that noted "eternal 1 minute" scene of Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung at the tuck shop
    - The "killers…

  • Come Drink with Me

    Come Drink with Me


    I can easily name the three things that I like most about this film:

    1) The open kitchen of Drunken Knight with waterfalls at the back;
    2) Cheung Pei-pei's swordplay and how her character resembles Brigette Lin's character in New Dragon Gate Inn (Raymond Lee, 1992); and
    3) The few seconds of blue/white/red neon lights as the speedy signs of swordplay when Drunken Knight have his final duel with Abbot Liao Kung.

    There are some conventional King Hu elements in…