Everything Everywhere All at Once

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This review may contain spoilers.

A crowd-pleaser/absurd comedy/sci-fi fantasty/melange that can be read on many levels: (from the most obvious to the least IMO)

- a tale about relationships: "Of All The Places I Could Be, I Just Want To Be Here With You." (Evelyn - btw, her name echoes the title "EVErything EVErywhere" while her hubby, Waymond, everyWHERE)

- a tale that cleverly merges the appeals and traditions of Chinese cinema and Asian-American one: Tearjeckers, Melodrama (films about human relationships; see last point) + Martial Arts (Bruce Lee)

- a post-structuralist tale interrogating space, time, identity, etc. and answers these questions (since we need a wrap up for the audience) with a rather sloppy and at times, unreasonable (We have to be kind -> there's hope) answer, eg being kind doesn't always solve problems; not saying I don't like kindness. But using kindness to solve all problems in all metaverse? Hmmm ...

(for readers who know a thing or two about post-structuralist theory - the whole thing, eg postcolonialism, feminism, etc. while challenging binaries, would eventually need *some* sort of structure to make sense of the world. Spivak called this "strategic essentialism" - in this film's context - we have metaverse, but in the end, we settle with this one and use this method to solve *all* problems (!) *because a 2.5 h film finally needs a wrap-up ...*)

However, for creativity and efforts, A+ Good job to the crew and cast. X

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