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  • Slaughterhouse Rock

    Slaughterhouse Rock


    Fairly standard late 80s horror fare. None of the main characters are particularly intolerable nor are they really even memorable. Main character keeps having these nightmare/visions which escalate and start causing him personal harm in the real world ala Nightmare on Elm St. He, his brother(both with the surname of Slaughter hence the title you see)and some friends go to Alcatraz as he feels compelled to do and hilarity ensues. Toni Basil is the embodiment of some demon so I guess she was playing herself. You could do worse with your 90 minutes, but you could also do a damn sight better.

  • The Hills Have Eyes

    The Hills Have Eyes


    With it being Friday the 13th and not wanting to go after the more obvious low hanging fruit of the F13 franchise, I decided to take this opportunity to watch the recent Arrow Blu Ray release of this film. It had been a number of years since watching and it was one of those films I remember always seeing the ominous title on the video store shelves as a child but never being able to summon up the courage to…

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  • Cemetery Without Crosses

    Cemetery Without Crosses


    The opening sequence is a B&W chase seen where in a group of men are in pursuit of a visibly wounded man on horseback set to the tune of a Scott Walker song! So, definitely NOT a conventional spaghetti western. There may be 2 pages worth of dialogue uttered in the whole film(those would be double spaces pages, by the way). Any ways, this was an attempt at me trying to delve a bit deeper into this great genre. This film is undeservedly overlooked and worth the time to track down.

  • Blood Beach

    Blood Beach


    This is one I remember admiring the VHS cover for as a wee lad at the rental store, but never got a chance to pick it up. Nearly 30 years later and I finally got to see it thanks to the German DVD release. It was a bit heavy on the talking parts, but it did have a couple of pretty cool gore scenes, particularly with the would-be rapist under the pier. I won't spoil, but for those who have seen Night of the Demon you'll know what to expect.